House Therapy Construction specializes in energy efficient HVAC designs in order keep your home running comfortable for less.

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable Heating and Air Conditioning are there for you. In fact about 40% of the energy used in your home come from keeping your home cool or warm throughout the year.

Types of Heating

Gas Space Heaters (Heat Pumps)

This method of heating tends to be more energy efficient and produces less greenhouse gases.

Central Heating

These tend to use the most energy, but can heat larger areas. Depending on the size of your home it may be possible to setup a zoned system that will allow you to limit heating to particular areas instead of the whole home.

Electric Portable Heater

The equipment itself is relatively inexpensive to purchase, but tend to be expensive to run. Compared to other methods of heating it is also one of the least effective.

Types of Cooling


These low cost options can usually get the job done in warm climates. Along with being inexpensive they are also fairly energy efficient. By starting with this option first before moving to more expensive air conditioning, you may find that you are able to reduce the energy you use.

Evaporative Cooling

Although not the best for humid climates, these types of cooling systems tend to use half the resources of a typical air conditioner to cool a space. Overall they are fairly inexpensive to purchase and operate. The way it cools is by blowing air over moisture on a filter or sponge cooling the air.

Spot Cooler

These portable air conditioners tend to be less efficient when compared to other methods. Another issue with this method of cooling is that during a hot summer it can be expensive to operate, as well as the cost of repairs and maintenance.